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Well, it looks like I’m headed to Dallas for a deposition in a few weeks.  Plaintiff’s counsel is asking for me to be on site so I’ll be deposed in defense counsel’s office as I’m the defense’s credit damage expert witness for this case.  I realize the rules differ from state to state but I… Read more »

Why Do So Many Credit Lawsuits Come From So Few Attorneys and Consumers? Expert Witness John Ulzheimer 1-866-985-8884

We all know the drill; you feel like someone has broken the law and you’re the victim so some people hire an attorney and they file a lawsuit.  It’s not complicated.  What I find interesting is how some attorneys seem to attract so much of the same kind of lawsuit work and why so many… Read more »

When Choosing a Credit Damage Expert Witness, How Important is Location? John Ulzheimer 1.866.985.8884

When deciding between a local credit damages expert witness or a credit reporting expert witness, how important is the location of the expert witness relative to the jurisdiction and law firm representing your client?  I’m of the opinion that it’s not important at all. In fact, in my 100+ cases I’ve had 2 in GA,… Read more »

Credit Damage Expert California, John Ulzheimer 866-985-8884

Can experts serve nationally, or are they limited to their own local? This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times by my credit expert witness students. The reality is that there are no geographic limitations to serving as an expert witness. In fact, in my 100+ cases I’ve only had two in Georgia where… Read more »

Credit Damage Expert, John Ulzheimer 866-985-8884

The methods for determining credit damages vary from expert to expert.  And, there are three categories of people who do credit damage expert witness work; the Plaintiff’s only expert, the industry-only expert or someone who is neutral and is willing to represent either side, which is what I do. There is no single metric for… Read more »

How Do You Calculate Credit Damages? John Ulzheimer 866 985 8884

A common task in my credit damage expert witness work is an evaluation of damages (or the lack thereof) purportedly caused by incorrect credit reporting. What I’ve learned in my 100+ cases as an expert witness is that there are several methods to calculating credit damages. First off, there is no one recognized process or… Read more »

Credit Damage Expert, Are Credit Damage Ranges Possible?

If I’ve learned one thing over the years working as a credit expert witness it’s that there’s no single metric for calculating economic credit damages.  Some experts award a dollar for dollar declined as their damage amount.  Some experts award a dollar for dollar declined plus the tax liability as their damage amount.  Some experts… Read more »

Credit Damage Expert John Ulzheimer – Dollar for Dollar Credit Damages?

I recently finished up some work on a case where the plaintiff’s credit damage expert witness assigned a dollar for dollar award for a credit declination.  So, in this particular example the Plaintiff (a consumer) was denied an auto loan, twice, allegedly because of an error on her credit report.  The auto loan was for… Read more »

Expert Witness Credit Damage, How Do I Bill For Travel Time and Expenses?

Expert Witness Credit Damage, How Do I Bill For Travel Time and Expenses? It’s the million (or at least thousand) dollar question…how do you bill for travel time and expenses when you’re doing credit expert witness work?  I’ll keep this short and sweet; it’s up to you!  There is no general rule of thumb regarding… Read more »