When Choosing a Credit Damage Expert Witness, How Important is Location? John Ulzheimer 1.866.985.8884

When deciding between a local credit damages expert witness or a credit reporting expert witness, how important is the location of the expert witness relative to the jurisdiction and law firm representing your client?  I’m of the opinion that it’s not important at all. In fact, in my 100+ cases I’ve had 2 in GA, where I’m based. Hiring a strong credit expert witness means looking for the best expert, not the closest expert.  Still, I’ve lost work to lesser experts who just happen to be closer to the client.

And while I’m not a “hard sell” kind of guy, I have to be totally honest with the prospective clients who contact me looking for an expert.  I try very hard not to be a “negative seller” where I talk badly about my competition. I’d rather lay out my qualifications and let the resume/CV do the talking.  But, sometimes you have to point out just how much experience you have relative to the competition.  So, here’s what I’ll be sharing with prospective clients who are trying to choose between experts.

“I think after you have done your research you’ll find I’m the most qualified credit expert witness in the country. I’ve been an expert witness in over 100 credit related cases, have testified 33 times, have 21+ years of actual experience in the credit industry, hold multiple credit related certifications, have been published several hundred times on the topic of consumer credit, have been quoted over 1,000 times over the past 5 years on the topic, have written 4 books on the topic, guest lecture several times a year at the Univ of Ga and The Westminster Schools, write about consumer credit for Mint.com, CreditSesame.com, SmartCredit.com and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and have been qualified to testify in both Federal and state courts on the

Hopefully this is enough to convince law firms that I’m the best man for the job.  And if so, please contact me at 1.866.985.8884.

Credit Reporting Expert Witness, John Ulzheimer, is the President of Consumer Education at SmartCredit.com, the credit blogger for Mint.com, and a Contributor for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.  John is twice FCRA certified by the credit industry’s trade association. He is an expert on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft. Formerly of FICO, Equifax and Credit.com, John is the only recognized credit expert witness who actually comes from the credit industry and has worked for a credit bureau and a credit score developer.